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Bad sleep is affecting your life

Tips for better Sleep and Health

My sleeping schedule has been unpredictable and unstable for the last few years.

With higher education, the sleeping cycle started changing because of late-night study hours, compromising my sleeping hours. But, in lockdown, I also got this habit of waking up late. It was increasing the sleeping hours only, but there was no change in my sleep quality.

After continuously listening to my Mom, I improved my sleeping cycle by understanding its impact and importance. And today, I’ve decided to share those learnings with you.

Importance of Better Sleep

  • The cost to our health and stress levels when we don't get enough restful sleep is eye-opening.

  • Lack of sleep can slow you down at work in more ways than one.

  • Getting a good night's sleep can improve your mood, boost your immune health, and alleviate symptoms of depression.

  • A better night's sleep might reduce stressors, reducing your stress.

Tips for better Sleep and Health

  • All day, the less caffeine you intake, the better for your sleep phase.

  • The three fundamental components of good physical health — diet, exercise, and sleep — will go a long way toward improving your symptoms of stress.

  • Talking to a trusted friend, coworker, or career counselor may help you see new possibilities you can't see on your own so you can create your exit.

Abusive or micromanaging companies (Boss, Client, Friend, Parent, Partner, Teacher) can enormously affect mental and emotional health. And Life is too short of destroying your sleeping cycle because of this.

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