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The Devastating Impact of Forced Marriage on Life

Forced Human Relationships

As the facilities are increasing, the world is becoming more complex. Over 80% of people suffer because of societal expectations that interfere with Personal Lives and relationships.

Forced marriages and kids are live examples.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the outcomes of forced Human relations and creation.

Important Note!

Talking about Sensitive and vulnerable topics is often difficult as people have different opinions. I consider you to be mature enough to understand this topic.

I request you take it with an open mind and seriously if you will get married soon or thinking about having kids.

Why This Topic?

In the last few days, I encountered several topics about forced birthing in Animals. The way the explanation is given blows my mind.

The first thought that enters my mind is the person talking about them has missed the Biology class during school days. Or are they missing the knowledge of the origin of Life?

When I read them, Human Relations strike my mind that needs a solution before disturbing the Lives of Animals.

I'm amazed no one talked about forced human birthing. The more people claim to be educated, the more they consider such crucial topics dirty in this modern era. It shouldn’t be that way. So I’m writing this.

Why Is This Happening?

“It's no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn't even speak to each other if they met at a party.”

~ Nick Hornby

The problem is that most Humans don’t have enough time to think about major steps and decisions.

Sexual energies might keep occupying their mind, but they keep denying it.

Animals have natural sexual urges. Meanwhile, Humans have forced one.

Ironic enough?

Animals don’t have access to the internet and erotic content. Human beings have.

Animals don’t have to run after money. Human beings keep important relationships for the last like they will be there forever.

So you can understand what needs more attention.

But people are more interested in animals, power, money, reaching other planets, finding a way to live on the 4 inches mobile screen, and finding flaws.

In all this, they lose such a precious and crucial thing behind. And they forget that:

They have the right to choose their lives, including when, how, and with whom they want to live and start a family.

But all is wasted because of giving so much importance to other unimportant things that are just supplements to survive.

This results in forced relationships, marriages (because of societal pressure and their list of choices), and forced human reproduction.

Because they are giving so much importance to external issues rather than giving more importance to Personal life decisions.

This affects the Spouses and Kids too.

Do you know why the childhood of most kids is deprived of love?

Because of forced relationships. Because of forced reproduction.

If a Man can’t love his wife, he can’t love his Kids.

And then the fragile and forced relationship results in frustration & frustrated married Life.

And so kids live in the delusion that their Father is strict, and their Mom doesn’t try to understand them.

Kids are confused to see the chaotic environment at home as they start growing up. And seek love outside the home then.

I have seen so many Married ladies who always wear fake smiles to show their parents and relatives how happy they are.

And so people think that only men are frustrated in Marriages because they talk about it openly, as women look happy.

Then all the people involved in such relations, like Spouses and Kids, feel lonely and frustrated due to lack of love, attention, and importance.

I am not against Arrange Marriages or having Kids!

I am this person who believes in arranged marriages, but not in Forced marriages.

I can not favor the idealogy of getting married or having kids just because of

  • Societal expectations

  • You are crossing 25 years of age

  • Parents want to see grandkids

  • Your friends are having babies

  • Your neighbor has a family

  • You are feeling lonely

  • You need someone to take care of your financial issues

  • You need someone to take care of your Parents

  • Your relatives are taking their family ahead with three or four kids; meanwhile, you are still single and not even ready.

Please remember that Kids produced with such forced circumstances are often deprived of love, lacking humanity, and frustrated throughout their lives.

And they go through unnecessary suffering because of forced marriage and forced procreation.

That is why it is important to give importance to the basics of Human Life before trying to pull strings of other issues.

So now you know even Human relationships are forced, and human birthing is also forced in most cases.

This Newsletter Showed you some crucial things people don’t even consider. And keep revolving around other issues.

I have so much to discuss, but it’s already long. I’ll talk about why such forced human birthing is even more dangerous than Dairy issues in upcoming Newsletters.

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