Last Newsletter Issue

I am sharing it with you so late, but I can’t tell you how much I’m excited to share it with you!

You don’t know how much you are important for me.

Today I want to tell You that I'm grateful for all the things you have done for me, including having enough faith in my work, giving compliments, and your precious support.

Today I also want to let you know that my most admired Newsletter Platform, the Revue, is shutting down, so several things will change. And this is the last newsletter issue on the Revue platform. This is one of the reasons I'm sending this issue now instead of the last week of this month.

I appreciate you and care for your presence. Thank you for enough support and encouragement!

That's why I do not want to end our readership relationship here!

We will continue this Readership Relation!

We will be in touch with the help of another platform. You can access it from here - Moni Read Newsletter.

I have tried my best to connect you there, but technology sometimes misbehaves, and I'd like you to Subscribe to it if you are not Subscribed 💝

Before leaving it, I'd like to request you to share your most precious feedback about my Books If you have read them!

Feel free to reach me on Instagram or mail me at [email protected] for further communication.

Be in Touch!