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Man and The Desire To Earn More Money

Money, Success, Power - Outer world

Imagine, Man, why is there a love-hate relationship in your work life, career, and money? 

One day, men are determined to achieve more success, power, money, and a better career. For several days, they struggle to achieve this.

And when men start earning money and have a career, sooner they start hating them. They are irritated and frustrated with their career and money. Satisfaction is always missing from their life, even when they have more than enough.

Most of the time, if they are in a relationship or married, they blame women.

When men are single, they have similar issues. So, women are not at fault.

No worries, Man, you don’t need to blame yourself. Keep reading if you want to know the roots.

Is it happening to YOU? 

Be honest and think if your career and professional life have issues because of girls or if the frustration stems from something else?

If you are a female reading this, I want to let you know that men struggle to prioritize the value between More Money and Love.

So don’t go blind by their sweet words because anything can be justified by taking examples of responsibilities and money for them. And they’ll push the feminine energy on the lower pedestal. Be careful with your emotional expectations.

I request you to continue reading it for the men in your life. Be it your Father, Brother, Husband, Son, or Friends. Let’s try to understand and minimize the gender gap and frustration of life. 

Disclosure: My intention is not to hurt someone’s sentiments, any religion, person, or gender in any way. The upcoming opinion is not mine. It belongs to Osho. I found some of his perspectives very deep and eye-opening. And that doesn’t mean I agree with all of his perspectives.

Osho, shared this opinion in his speeches after interacting with thousands of people from different corners of the world.

(Transcribed by his students in the form of books (Book of Men) under his name, from his recordings).

From childhood, every man is conditioned to behave and survive in this world, competitive and efficiency-oriented. 

  • He joins the fight and the ambitious race for money, success, fame, power, respectability, and social status.

  • As a child, he already learns to adopt the goals and values of parents and teachers, priests and politicians, and all institutional interests without ever questioning them. 

Since he believes everything about men without questioning, he deviates from his true nature, from the original self.

It’s repressed in many things, and slowly, he loses:

Childlike innocence, Willingness to laugh, Capacity to love, Creative potential, His passion for life…

This means all these things are destroyed by the way he is educated by society eliminates the sensitivity of the body and senses and makes him insensitive and dead. 

How did it start? 

Many Priests and politicians caused a tremendous division in man. 

  • They created a guilt-ridden man who is alienated from himself.

  • Then he fights against a permanent internal conflict that permeates all areas of his life.

  • They have created a conflict between body and soul, matter and spirit, materialism and spiritualism, science and religion, man and woman, West and East, etc. 

When there is no satisfaction 

The logic says, "Maybe it's not enough; take more of it." 

  • So he goes after more and starts looking around. 

  • Every other man is living with a smiling mask, which demonstrates happiness.

  • That smiling mask is a fake smile often used to hide pain that deceives each other. 

  • He also comes out with a mask, so others will think he is happier. 

  • But he thinks others are happier.

  • i.e., Modern society people, Social Media, Rich friends, Popular Men, any man good at passing fake smiles.

Why Other Men Look Happier?

  • The Neighbor’s grass looks greener.

  • But it is greener on both sides. 

  • The people who live on the other side of the fence see your grass, and it looks greener. It really looks greener, thicker, the better. 

  • This is the illusion created by distance. 

  • When you get closer, you can see that's not quite the case. 


Since man has been misguided from the start, anything he does will do to let him remain unhappy. 



Imagine about it.

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