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  • The relationship between Toxicity and Nice people

The relationship between Toxicity and Nice people

Some people are good people by heart. Their intentions are not bad.

But they become toxic because of a bad past and disorganized behavior.

Nice People and Toxicity

Some people do not have bad intentions or hidden motives. But they become self-centered or a little selfish.

Can you relate?

You might have observed such people in your surrounding, including your loved ones or friends.

They focus on their wants over the needs of another person, who is their responsibility.

For example

You might have observed people behaving unexpectedly.

Like running away from you when they have to communicate appropriately.

Playing the hot and cold game and then blaming others when they were the first ones to bring that abnormal situation, both in the natural and online worlds. 

Another example is directly from the priorities of relationships. 

A Man prefers to enjoy and hang out with his friends, during the weekend, instead of spending that precious time with his wife or kids.

Why does it happen?

In such cases, people forget their responsibility, and the worst they can do is give them the name of expectations.

  • They often refuse to share their part of the time or responsibility.

  • Sometimes! Money is the reason behind endless problems.

  • Sometimes, they struggle with conflict avoidance.

  • And there are so many reasons!

But, You know!

Most of our life depends on the people in our surroundings, as they regularly affect our relationships, health, money, and career. 

Isn't it?

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