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Things to try when you feel Lonely

There are days or often weeks when you feel lonely and helpless.

You keep delaying your Important things because you feel your heart is not all right. 

Tiredness, frustration, and anxiety are quite common nowadays. 

Things to try when you feel Lonely

You can try Art therapy for instant results, happiness, and peace. And giving it a space in your daily life can help you to maintain peace for the long term.

You can try it when you are feeling low, frustrated, lonely, and missing something from your life.

Here are some of the solutions to frequent problems

If you are feeling sad, then draw a rainbow.

It'll help you feel the colorful life instead of black & white zones.

If something is continuously hurting you deep down, then go for sculpting.

Just like you used to do in your childhood.

For example, preparing a home from wet sand. Remember? It may bring a smile to your face. If so, let me know as soon as you complete this. Okay!

If you are feeling anxious, make a rag doll.

It'll provide you with the comfort you are looking for. Or you can also hug your close ones for the same.

If you are worried, then make origami.

Maybe it can help you figure out the solution to your problem, or you may find a new perspective.

If you want to restore your strength after a bad day, conversation, or any incident, Paint landscapes.

And there are several tips you can try! 

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